Monday, 5 December 2016

The best Movie Streaming Apps the internet has to offer

If you’ve ever wondered how to get the best movies and TV shows streaming on your device, you know there are apps for that. Unfortunately, there are a few illegal ones available too which get their content through piracy. And you don’t want to encourage that. Thankfully, the legal options are pretty attractive too, with some pretty amazing features and prices. Some are even free!

Which apps to use to stream movies online?

Here are a few wonderful apps you can use to watch free movies online. I’m sure you’ve heard a few of these before, but there are some amazing gems that are little known. Hope yu’ll enjoy them as well.

  1. NetFlix

    Netflix is all the rage these days. The app began as a little known, DVD rental-esque site. And then it won accolades, and grew with the inflowing acknowledgement. The app has since grown into a global phenomenon. It even routinely produces new content to watch. Prime examples include Orange is the New Black, The Flash, Arrow and even movies like The Fundamentals on Caring. The service is paid, and you could part with anywhere between 8 to 20 dollars per month to get the best of the best content streaming legally, at a pretty decent speed and resolution and also get the stuff hard to find elsewhere. sign in to login to netflix.
  2. Viewster

    I have a lot of Anime lovers for friends, and they’re always on about how little options they have to watch the TV series they enjoy. This is just one more way I found out, but you’ll never want to look for more once you’ve tried out Viewster. This amazing app is easily available through official app stores on both iOS and Android, and it has all sorts on fun content to enjoy. The Anime and animated entertainment is what is purposefully stressed, though. The latest Anime is uploaded to the app and you can watch it there for free. The content is paid for by the ads you watch in between, but you can buy the premium version to get rid of them.
  3. Snag Films

    For all the fans of artsy and alternative cinema, Snag Films is the app to take to. The app has all the content you wouldn’t find in commercial cinema theaters or TV channels. Snag Films has African Movies, Latino and Foreign Cinema as well as Bollywood, along with movies from festivals, Health documentaries and films, art cinema, LGBT films, Rockumentaries and everything else you would ever want to watch.The service can also be accessed on the website of the app too.
  4. Amazon Underground

    Amazon has an underground portal as well! But don’t worry; all the content there is available free of cost, and is under public domain. So you won’t be pestered by ads or other ways to monetise. The Amazon Underground app also carries games and apps you can get for free. Isn’t that cool?
  5. Hulu

    Hulu is an all time favorite on mine when it comes to watching free movies. However, the service only works when I’m in the US, and not when i visit countries outside, which is quite a lot. So if you’re interested in watching movies and aren’t leaving the shores sometime soon, Hulu might do it pretty nicely for you. And you needn’t register an account with the service too. It is available for pretty much everybody!

So there you have it; 5 apps to watch free movies and TV shows online. Streaming movies online has never been easier. Tell me which app you like best.